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Project Description

DUMA is an engineering and manufacturing corporation for the defense and security industry and is located in Spain. They provide engineering, reverse engineering and manufacturing (through their other company ROSNI) for this discreet market. Although DUMA has been in existance for a period of time, they relied on personal contact for sales and information. They did not have a brand presence.


The Ultimate Challenge

DUMA needed a public presence as specialists in defense and security hardware engineering, reverse engineering and manufacturing but have the defense industry capabilities as being somewhat elusive. Their capabilities are vast as they also require promotion of their newly acquired company ROSNI, therefore taking on the task of a content heavy website was the ultimate challenge. It was imperative that their website had efficient organization. As well, French and Spanish versions were needed as they are an international defense service corporation.

Capable. Professional. Discreet.

Branding and Styles

Rosni branding


Rosni business cards

User Flow

Rosni userflow

Corporate Brochure

DUMA Engineering Product Brochure

PowerPoint Template

DUMA PowerPoint Presentation template