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Project Description

ROSNI is an engineering and manufacturing corporation located in Spain. They service all industries including Aeronautics, Rail and Transportation, Marine Industry as well as Green Technologies. They were acquired by a company, DUMA Engineering Group, also located in Spain that specializes in Defense and Security. ROSNI did not have a brand presence and an entire brand strategy was required.


The Ultimate Challenge

ROSNI had to be presented to the public as specialists in engineering and manufacturing but have the defense industry capabilities as being somewhat hidden. As well, they needed to stand out from competition. Their capabilities are vast therefore taking on the task of a content heavy website was the ultimate challenge. It was imperative that their website had efficient organization. As well, French and Spanish versions were needed.


ROSNI'S client base

How ROSNI acquired their clients were by using 2 methods. One is direct research and then contact the potential customer directly which strained on their sales force and the other were attending trade shows.

After conducting the necessary research, it was concluded:

Rosni personas


ROSNI needed to stand out.

Upon detailed analysis, ROSNI's competition, although as capable, did not present themselves as unique. Their online presence had the same color schemes (blues, greys, black and red), with similar webpage layouts and did not present themselves as "progressive, advanced technologies and manufacturing".

User Flow

Rosni userflow

Branding and Styles

Rosni branding


Rosni business cards

PowerPoint Template

Rosni business cards