Labyrinth Coaching

Project Description

Labyrinth Coaching, a holistic life and academic coaching service, provides a range of services, including Harmonious Parenting, Empaths & Highly Sensitive Adults & Children, Boundaries, Assertiveness, Codependency & Enmeshment, as well as Academic Coaching services such as Time Management & Organizational Skills, Managing Stress & Anxiety, Discovering & Setting Goals, and Accountability.


The Ultimate Challenge

The biggest hurdle was to allow the site visitor to know that Janna was not your typical coach. Her approach to coaching is holistic in nature. To begin her journey as an independent coach, our approach included finalizing the rough logo concept and incorporate uplifting colors into custom graphics, website design, and development that accurately reflects her brand. The result is a modern, engaging website optimized for desktop and mobile devices that showcases Labyrinth Coaching's services in a clear and compelling manner. Janna McCaskill, on a limited budget needed to establish a web presence but have a website that could provide future functionality expansion.

Enlightened. Professional. Discreet.


Labyrinth Coaching branding


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