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Project Description

Moonshine Bright Entertainment is a new dynamic company specializing in talent management, production, screenwriting, and acting. The company is in need of a consistent brand process to enhance their unique approach to the entertainment industry. The result should be a fresh and engaging new look that accurately represents the company's warm and friendly, professional and skillful approach to their work.

Moonshine Bright Entertainment is dedicated to the pursuit of creative excellence in all aspects of their work. The new rebranding will be a reflection of their passion and talent, and we are confident that it will help them continue to shine in the entertainment industry.


The Ultimate Challenge

The ultimate challenge for Moonshine Bright Entertainment is to establish a consistent target market, as their client base comes from various backgrounds. Due to their diverse range of services, including production, talent management, and screenwriting, it's difficult to pin down a specific audience to sell to. Defining the vibe that they want to present to the public is crucial for their success in the entertainment industry.

Capable. Professional. Talented.


Moonshine Bright Enterainment


Moonshine Bright Entertainment